friendly, polite, helpful, positive, assertive, honest and well trained staff Robust Infrastructure working together towards a brighter future.


Kadoosa Telemarketing Solutions

is a multinational with offices in the USA, Canada and Central America. We are a leader in telesales, telemarketing and eMarketing.

Why are we so successful?

Our purpose built team is the foundation of Kadoosa.

Good teams don't just happen; good teams are built and maintained. Selecting the right people, empowering them and encouraging cooperation is arguably the most important thing management can do to ensure success. We make sure our team is filled with friendly, polite, helpful, positive, assertive and honest individuals. Teambuilding and training are our building blocks.

Our Goal:

We want to help you leverage our impressive infrastructure for your business, without the upfront investment and know how. We work with you to tailor our campaigns to suit your needs. We want to build a long lasting relationship with you.

Let us help you grow your business.



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