Kadoosa Marketing Solutions is a leading telemarketing agency. We can help you with:

Lead Generation
Free your estimators and sales staff from the burden of cold calling. Let our high trained staff qualify potential customers for you. We can provide lists of interested customers on a bulk or per lead basis. Maximize your investment by allowing us to set your appointments as well. Keep your sales staff selling, not prospecting!.

Appointment setting
A company needs a continuous influx of customers to become successful. Sales associates spend time finding leads rather than making sales on pre-existing ones. Growing your business has never been easier with our exclusive appointments. Be the first, and the last person to speak to the customer.

Is your website what it should be? Is it an effective tool? We increase your online visibility through online advertising management with the top search engines, major directories, social media and email campaigns. Get the attention you deserve. Start a campaign today.

Targeting the right customers
How do we make sure we get you the best leads? We target the best possible customers! We create our target lists from the best databases in the world and adapt the criteria to your specific industry requirements. We cast our net as general or as specific as we need to be!

Get Better Reporting
Marketing initiatives are great! Great return on investment is better! Make sure your marketing dollars are working for you. Use our trend reports, to learn more about your campaigns, your market and the trends affecting your visibility and your business.



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